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Parish councillors

The following list of parish councillors is correct, as of November 2017.

Chair and Vice chair

  • Chair: Cllr Mr David Toft
  • Vice chair: Cllr Mrs Lisa Bevins

Hayfield Town ward councillors

  • Cllr Mrs Lisa Bevins
    • 5A Highfield Rd, Hayfield, SK22 2HN
    • Tel: 01663 309582
    • lisa.bevins @ hayfield-pc.gov.uk
  • Cllr Mr Derek Clarke
    • Swallow House Cottage, Swallow House Lane, Hayfield, SK22 2HB
    • Tel: 01663 742019
    • derek.clarke @ hayfield-pc.gov.uk
  • Cllr Mr Peter Easter
    • 2 Toll Bar Cottage, Swallow House Lane, Hayfield, SK22 2HF
    • Tel: 01663 747473 or 07966 458173
    • peter.easter @ hayfield-pc.gov.uk
  • Cllr Mr David Gates
    • 40 Lea Road, Hayfield, High Peak, SK22 2HE
    • Tel: 01663 741756
    • david.gates @ hayfield-pc.gov.uk
  • Cllr Mr Martin Jones
    • 27 Wood Gardens, Hayfield, SK22 2HQ
    • Tel: 01663 308388
    • martin.jones @ hayfield-pc.gov.uk
  • Cllr Mrs Eva Lawson
    • Farlands Coachhouse, Kinder Road, Hayfield, SK22 2LJ
    • Tel: 01663 743303 or 07788 672341
    • eva.lawson @ hayfield-pc.gov.uk
  • Cllr Mr David Toft
    • Kinder View, Highgate Road,Hayfield, SK22 2JL
    • Tel: 01663 743592
    • david.toft @ hayfield-pc.gov.uk
  • Cllr Mrs Jackie Wilson
    • 8 Wood Gardens, Hayfield, SK22 2HQ
    • Tel: 01663 747010
    • jackie.wilson @ hayfield-pc.gov.uk

Hayfield West ward councillors

  • Cllr Mr Mike Dean
    • Pool Cottage, Park Hall Estate, Little Hayfield, SK22 2NN
    • Tel: 01663 742463
    • mike.dean @ hayfield-pc.gov.uk
  • Cllr Mr Jonathan Vowels
    • 11 Station Road, Birch Vale, SK22 1BP
    • Tel: TBA
    • jonathan.vowels @ hayfield-pc.gov.uk

Declarations of interest

All serving parish councillors complete declarations of interest and these can be viewed on the Parish Councillors' declarations of interest page.


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