Borough Councillors and County Councillors

    The following lists of borough councillors and county councillors is correct, as of November 2015.

    These lists are not intended to be complete and only councillors serving the Hayfield wards and surrounding region are included.

    High Peak Borough Councillors (Hayfield ward)

    Cllr Peter Easter

    peter.easter @

    Derbyshire County Councillors (New Mills division)

    Cllr Beth Atkins

    69 Hall Street, New Mills, High Peak SK22 3BP
    01663 746256
    07748 920192
    beth.atkins @

    Please note that some address, telephone and / or e-mail contact details may be omitted from this list to prevent them being collected and used for illicit purposes (e.g. Internet 'spam' messages etc).

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